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Style Crush: Kirsten Vangsness

So, I started my "Style Crush" posts with a petite French actress, which I LOVE. Don't get me wrong. But I thought I would show the style crushes that I relate to more. I have to represent, ya know? So this week, my style crush is Kirsten Vangsness, which plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds.

I want those brown-rimmed glasses!

She started her career on stage and continues to act in the theater.

I love that her style ranges and she always has quirky accessories and colorful hair.





And here she is at her station as a FBI Technical Analyst on the show. I would love her job too. Poking around on a computer, hunting down info and relaying it smart well-acted FBI agents. But alas, I am not a hacker and this is not Hollywood.

I wish I could find a good picture of her apartment in the season 3 episode when she has a stalker. Her apartment is colorful and eclectic just like her!

I hope she inspires you the way she does me.

17 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

LDTillustrations said...

Oh, I LOVE Garcia (Or Kirsten Vangsness in this case), and I also kind of love that the actress and character's style is pretty interchangeable. I wish I had the guts to wear those cats eye glasses - like the pink ones she's wearing in that one photo. Very cool.

Jenny said...

Such super cute style! I'm loving all of her glasses!

Jenny☮ said...

Criminal Minds is my most favorite show! :) I'm so happy you chose her! She's my fave character. Her style is so fun and I love her apartment in the show, too. I have come to the conclusion that she and I would be best friends.

cb said...

she has great style! love it and yes those glasses are super cute! i want!!! and those handcuff earrings are pretty sweet too!!! i am sure there are tons on etsy!


nynga said...

I don't watch Criminal Minds but I do adore her style. It's very unique!!

Brina said...

I think she's ADORABLE! I used to watch Criminal Minds 1) because it was a good show, and 2) Shamar Moore! (Ooh la la.) But I haven't in a while because it started to freak me out and I was having nightmares. :(

Still love how different and fun her style is, though. <3

elycia said...

i like her style :) i especially like the blue dress with the green belt. so cute!

Sonya Zombiee said...

Ooo, she's so cute! :)
People keep telling me I should watch Criminal Minds but for some reason I just haven't yet.
This may have convinced me to get on it, though.

Kamika said...

Just found your adorable lil blog! Love it! And yes, i totally agree great style crush!

mel said...

Oh I LOVE Garcia - she always looks so cute and funky!!
Thanks for coming over and becoming a follower of my blog!!
Hugs melxx

Rachele said...

I'm glad everyone thinks she is great too! And you should watch Criminal Minds, even if it does scare your pants off ;)

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

oo i love her style, i've never watched the show before. i really like her glasses! x

elizabeth said...

i love her style too! i thought i was the only one :)

Quirkygal928 said...

I love love love her quirky sense of style. i always thought i was to old to go that route but she is only 1 year younger. ...honey i need the credit

I-Tuinui ไอ้ตุ้ยนุ้ย ยัยปลาวาฬ said...

i love her

jennlmcclure said...

She is probably my favortie person on that show, which is one of my favortie shows. I love her style and her bubbly personality! I would love to meet her in real life!

<3 Jenn

oakleygreen said...

I've been told that I look like her. That's a pretty cool compliment, to me!

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