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Crafting, Thrifting and Sushi-ing

I may be adding headbands to my Etsy shop soon! I have made them for myself before and I made this one for myself today. It is a peacock feather made out of paper, varnished and then attached to a crocheted headband. Now that my hair is getting longer, I wanted a new one anyway. But it actually came out quite lovely and held up great all day. The varnish makes the paper a little stiff and protects it.

I use matte varnish so it still looks like paper and not lacquered.

Then we went to the new Salvation Army Family Store that opened up near our house. Everything was 50% off. I found some cute things including an owl candle, mushroom mugs, terrarium domes, macrame owl, matryoshka dolls and a kitty pillow.

Then we went for conveyor belt sushi. My favorite! And it's only $1 a plate! Very tasty and the restaurant is clean and friendly. I am hooked and don't go anywhere else. They always make me sesame seed balls without charging me extra for something off the belt. Love them!

I had a very relaxing Saturday. Glad that I got a chance to do some crafting. Even happier that I am not a vapor rub faced, bird's nest hair sicky girl anymore!

11 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Ayeisha said...

That headband is so cute!

I love sushi. YUM!
We have 'YO! SUSHI' here in Britain. It's along the same lines....conveyor belt, square plates etc.


Jenny said...

Oooh I love those sesame seed balls. I haven't had those in forever! I love your headband!

elizabeth said...

those headbands are adorable! yay for sushi!

kym said...

I haven't been thrifting in some time...I love it. You can find the best deals and goodies and it looks you did on your trip out.

The headband is cute. I wish I could wear those...I feel like I'm to old, you know?

Mandy said...

I love the headband! Very cute!

samboy said...

Mmm now I want sushi!

That headband looks so cute on you! So pretty!x

Rio said...

I'm liking "sushi-ing" as a verb... nicely done! Super cute headband too! :)

cb said...

love all your finds!!! and isn't it great to find an awesome sushi restaurant! i have been craving sushi...maybe this think we will go on a dinner date, yum!


Brina said...

I love the headband. Peacock feathers are so pretty!

Miss_Muffett said...

im in love with the mushroom mugs! x

Linda said...

Your thrift stores look sooooo awesome. In Oz they really suck. Its a totally mission to find anything vintage. Its so weird though- i was at an op shop (thrift store) the other day and saw something with owls on it and thought of you!....uber weird i know. Then i cool would it be to get thrifted items for someone else in another country thats looking for that particular item? secret shoppers. suprise parcels.

awesome sushi! yum!! $1... BARGAIN!

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