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CLOSED // Giveaway: Guess That Sponsor!

Sponsor #1

I live in Winnipeg, Canada with my boyfriend Aaron and our 2 cats. I'm in love with the most amazing boy ever, who came here from Australia to take a chance on love. Read our ♥ story here. I spend a lot of my time with my band Larrikin (which Aaron is also a part of), playing guitar, singing and having fun. Aaron and I recently bought our first home together, where we love to spend our time with our 2 kitties: Hobbes and Madison. You'll be seeing a lot of these guys on the blog. They are my chosen family.

Sponsor #2

I'm a administrative assistant with a Master's degree in Leadership by day, a blogger and business woman by night, and a weekend warrior out to enjoy Mother Nature before heading home to play with some paper and glue. I really love being outdoors, I post about my camping adventures, share local hikes, and I also post about blogging-related topics such as Search Engine Optimization, social media, and Google Analytics.

Sponsor #3

I'm a 23 year old crafter from Puerto Rico. Sewing, embroidery and crochet are my main passions, but thanks to a very lucky thrifty find I'm getting more and more into analog photography. It all started with a Polaroid Cool Cam and I don't know how far it will go; I already own 2 Polaroid Land Cameras that I love. Every Monday I blog about a different fabric that inspires me in Fabric Crush Monday and the rest of the week is sprinkled with a little bit of everything. I write about crafts, food, photography, thrifty finds, inspiration and daily life. This blog is the outlet for all my creative adventures.

Campfire Chic
Kafe 80's
Yadira's Crafty Adventures

How to play:
I drew a portrait of each sponsor and now it is up to you to guess which one they are! Click on the above links that goes to each sponsor's blog and get to know them. All you have to do is follow The Nearsighted Owl via GFC and leave a comment here telling me the answers. If you are correct, you will be entered into the giveaway! Be sure to leave a way to contact you in case you are the lucky winner.

What you win:
A hand-drawn digital custom portrait by me, a value of $25.

Earn extra entries:
- Tweet about the giveaway: Win a custom portrait from @nearsightedowl! Guess That Sponsor feat @CampfireChic @craftyadventure and @KristinLarrikin
- Share the giveaway by posting it on your blog, Tumblr or Facebook.
- Follow all three of the sponsors' blog via Google Friend Connect.
Leave separate comments for each entry please!

Giveaway ends January 5th, 2012 at midnight PST. Winner will be drawn randomly. Giveaway closed!

P.S. If you have a blog or business and would like to promote it, spaces are available to advertise. If you sponsor The Nearsighted Owl in January and add my button to your site, you will also receive a free custom portrait. Can you believe the billions of ways that could result in me drawing you! I told you that I really loved drawing people.
- Rachele

14 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Lariats and Lavender said...

Portrait #1 is definitely Kristin.
Portrait #2 is my friend, Kam!
Portrait #3 is Yadira!!!

And of course, I follow you on GFC!

kristindawn said...

ah, i looove my (and all of the) portraits! they're awesome. :)

Sara said...

2-Kam!!! :)


p.s. I love where you are going with these custom portraits. 

Rae Veda said...

That first story os oh so sweet! xo, rv

Allison said...

I love this! From poking around I'm guessing the first portrait is Kristin, the second one is Kam, and the last one is Yadira. And of course I'm following you :)

Allison said...

I tweeted! :)

danielle said...

cute & clever way to promote yr sponsors, girl =)

Scott said...

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Rianne at DreamshappyThings said...

So clever!

OK. The first one is Kristin from Kafe 80s, the second one is Kam from Campfire Chic, and the third one is Yadira from Yadira's Crafty Adventures!

Angel said...

Well, I think it's Kristin. Kam and Yadira.


Emily D said...

First one is Kristin, second must be Kam, and third Yadira! I follow you on GFC

Mila said...

1. Kristin
2. Kam.
3. Yadira

Mandy Curtis said...

I promise I'm not cheating. ;)

1.Kristen from Kafe 80s/About a Girl
2. Kam from Campfire Chic
3. Yadira from Yadira's Crafty Adventures

Such cute ladies, and portraits, all!

Emily D said...

forgot to say that I also tweeted about it! ( @@emigrations )  before the deadline, you can check!

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