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Meet the April Sponsors Part 1

If you are looking for an awesome blog or handmade shop, take a peek here!

I'm a 23 year old recent college grad with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and I'm living my small business dream. I just opened up a mobile retail shoppe called Honeybean and my heart has never been so full! I bartend on the weekends and design away during the week. I live in a quaint cream colored cottage in East Nashville with my handsome photographer fiance, Mike, and our two fat bulldogs (and a fuzzy cat).


Moorea is 25 years old, a lover of nature, chevrons, triangles, metals, bears, juice drinks, this really tall boy she knows, and is naked without a gaudy ring or two on her fingers.

Kam shares blogging tips, social media tools, and tales of adventure on her blog, Campfire Chic. She lives in Southern California where she is able to spend plenty of time outdoors, creating, and working on Project Life. She recently adopted a orange cat with her boyfriend of 5 years and came out with a digital resource with over 300 ideas for blog posts, scrapbook pages, and art journal entries. Campfire Chic...the tale of the crafty camper.

I'm a crafter, an illustrator, a blogger, a painter, a writer and a waitress. I have the loveliest family, the loveliest mister and the loveliest friends.

Oh SweetHenry is the brain child of Nicole and Lisette, two fat chicks that share a love of vintage, kitsch, crafting and baked goods. As divas with ample portions, we know that finding clothes can be a pain and that our options are sometimes limited, but the one thing we can always count on to make a boring outfit not so boring are the accessories! It is that reason that we at Oh SweetHenry specialize in making every person, big or small...but especially those Bottecellian babes, feel like they are just as hot as any pin-up or sultry siren!

I'm Elycia, the lady behind ♥elycia. I am crazy about taking photos, dancing to oldies, my cats, my husband, dressing in silly outfits and colour. Well I'm crazy about other things too but if I keep going this list could get seriously long. I live in Hamilton, Ontario with my husband and our two cats, Anakin (orange) and Farva (black & white).

Dolly Darling is the shop to visit if you want whimisical jewellery, handcrafted with love. Founded in 2012 by Georgina Doull, author of Cupcake's Clothes & previous owner of Handcrafted jewellery, made from a variety of materials, from polymer clay, to fine .999 silver, Dolly Darling sells accessories for any budget! Inspirations for the collections include Alice in Wonderland, nature, cupcakes & my doggies, Button and Tallie.

Hello friends! My name is Donna and I live close to the beach in Victoria, Australia with my fiancee Christian and our kitty Sailor Jerry. I also have a large beautiful family, who I blog about here often. I love tattoos, Christmas, dressing up, bright tights, doilys, op shopping, polka dots, flowers, arts, crafts, music, cute things, DIY, weddings and all kinds of animals.. mainly goats!! Deer Donna is a happy place where I blog about anything that takes my fancy.

- Rachele


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