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Crafty Wonderland Part 1

I mentioned yesterday that I went to the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale on Saturday and these are some of the photos I took inside. It is a local craft fair with tons of handmade goodies and artwork from over 200 vendors. I really like these moss terrariums!

We got to make our own Mother's Day card using a woodblock.

Ex Libris Anonymous
The Victory Garden of Tomorrow
These are my new jam people. Ya know, the people that supply me with yummy jams and jellies. Girls got to have a good jam source. I got a tasty pear jam with black pepper in it and it was awesome! They were also super nice and I chatted with them a bit about my camera.

Man's Face Stuff
Matthew Porter Artwork
Love to Love You
Dill Pickle Club
Girl with a Hook
Man vs Ink
Unusual Cards
Folding Chair Designs
I purchased a headband from the above shop. It is very cute! Coming to an outfit post soon. Stay tuned for Part Two!
- Rachele

19 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

theowlclub said...

Wow this looks so amazing! I'm itching to go to a craft fair. All the stalls look so much fun, and I also love the pastel checked dress that girl is wearing in the last photo! Look forward to seeing the headband.

Charis Sharpe said...

Yarnachy, Girl With A Hook & those wire sculptures would have kept me happy for hours! Looks like a great fair... not seen one over here quite like this!

Mary Byrd said...

oh wow! it looks like so much fun! I love craft fairs and farmers markets! veggies fruits. jams, honey, soaps, crafts and omg! I want to go!!!

Chelsea Lauren said...

Awwwww girl. Can I come with you next time?! That looks so rad! I'm just up here in Seattle :)
Thanks for sharing all of the pics - part I and II. I looooooove them all!

Averie Swanson said...

...pear jam with black pepper?! sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

ronni said...

Love the Unusual Cards sign!  I want that card!!!

zombot5 said...

Oh la la, good pictures, lady! There were so many awesome things to look at. and textures to touch. and food to taste!

Rachele said...

Sensory overload, haha!

Rachele said...

Haha, there was some really funny ones!

Rachele said...

It was! I remind me of apple butter too. But with an extra little kick :)

Rachele said...

Yes! We should all go as a big group! I am sure I will go to the winter sale too.

Rachele said...

I always find the tastiest food and jams at craft fairs and farmers markets! There something about the handmade touch.

Rachele said...

I think it is one of a kind, much like a lot of Portland things :)

Rachele said...

There was lots of cute crafty people with their awesome outfits! I think I enjoyed that part just as much.

Buttonlandia said...

I remember seeing you & Hannah! Thanks for coming out & supporting everyone. Next time say HI, I won't bite! :]
Sofia (Buttonlandia)

Loni said...

I'm pretty sure I spotted you in the crowd with your awesome hair and glasses!  The amount of talent in one room is pretty unbelievable, isn't it?  Thanks for the heads up on the post.

Rachele said...

Woops! I should have! I get a little overwhelmed so if you saw me wondering around with my eyes glazed over, that's why :)

Rachele said...

How funny! I think it ridiculously awesome when people recognize me from my blog. Now if they only came up me and made me feel like a celebrity ;)

Zie Darling said...

Oh, gosh! I absolutely adore this post! I feel so inspired to illustrate those little terrariums! Or maybe just make my own, hah. Lovely, lovely post :}
-Zie Darling

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