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I am Proud of My Size Link Up #18

My mission:
All sizes are beautiful! Don't be ashamed of your number or keep it from living your life and doing what you love. There is no perfect or wrong size. It doesn't determine our worth and nobody has the right to judge someone's health by their size. So let's show the world that every size can be happy and that we are not ashamed!

How to participate:
I would love to see all different sizes represented in this link up. Whether you are a 0 or 32, participate! This is a weekly feature so each link up will be open for one week. You can add your link anytime during the week. All genders, sexes and non-genders are welcome to join in. Use whatever sizing you are most familiar with. You can link up with me every week with a new post or join in every once in a while! The rules are simple. Post a photo of yourself on your blog, feeling confident. Post a full body shot, so head to toe! State your size in your blog post or with a graphic on your photo. No diet talk, weight loss talk, negativity or any type of body shaming allowed. This is about being happy with your size and shape, not because it is socially acceptable, healthy or better than others. Then come back here and add your link using the link tool at the end of this post.

It makes a huge difference in me when I am surrounded by supportive and body positive peeps. I appreciate you guys! There is a stark contrast when I find myself listening to diet talk, body shame and food guilt over and over. Sometimes it can be hard for me to be around those types of people. I feel like I am responsible for being an example and spread the word of fat love like some sort of chubby cult leader. So I try and speak up or show how happy I am with my size and that I can make healthy choices without a goal of weight loss. Or at least direct the conversation to more interesting and positive topics. But when the situation gets to a point where I am feeling exhausted, vulnerable and almost bullied, I have to ask myself if it is worth it. I may not want to spend time with that person anymore and I wish it was easier to explain or resolve. I drop hints and have come out with it very directly! But how can you tell someone that their choices are effecting you? They can do whatever they want with their body and image and it not my place to tell anybody what to do in regards to those things.

But people need to understand that when they insist on going on and on about how bad this so-and-so food is for their diet, while you are eating that said food, is not a pleasant experience. That when your body looks like theirs and they are saying how theirs isn't good enough, it is a reflection on you. It's not like I expect to live in a bubble, although it would be nice, I do expect to not be forced to hear about it at every turn. I also feel like if someone really knows me and wants to be a good friend and spend time with me, they would know enough about me that they aren't going to impress me with their tale about how they have been starving themselves and wear smaller jeans than me now.

dress : torrid
cardigan : thrifted
owl perler bead brooch : made by me
shoes : torrid
glasses : coastal

I want to be surrounded by big happy women with thighs that go forever and sassy mouths. I want to eat cupcakes and laugh about our latest exploits and how big girls can do crazy sex moves too. There would be rolls, dimples and absolutely no talk about how we hate ourselves. Our identities would never be based on what fad diet we were on or who could win a body part insult contest. Sounds like a dream!

A big step to loving your body is to stop negative body talk!

grab the button

- Rachele

15 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

LiveLoveRandom said...

You are soooo adorable!!!! I love this outfit a lot, especially that cute cardigan :D I hope I can find some time to link up, I love doing these posts!


mari said...

hooray for the profile shot! This may sound funny, but until you included it, I hadn't realized how few ootds show fat bodies from the side... and apparently how much that's needed. It's like, you can get right with seeing fat bodies in their apple/pear glory, but images flatten out rolls and bumps. I'm good with my hourglass figure, but have a hard time sometimes with how far my fat sticks out, whether my belly is bigger than my boobs, etc. It's just good to see someone else who looks so cute, but also like me, at peace with that all. Can you tell I've been strugglling to love it all lately?

Andreae said...

If you're ever feeling exhausted, please know that what you do makes such a difference. Your style, confidence, and honesty have been instrumental in my struggle to take control of my negative feelings about my body and boot them out the door. In the past year I have made conscious decisions to surround myself with exactly the sort of women you describe - joyous, happy in their skins, not afraid to make noise or to take up space. This has meant ending a very toxic relationship with someone whose own self-loathing caused her to bully me something fierce. It was hard for me to accept that that's what she was doing, but yeah, it was. Talk about fat-shaming! It was awful. But since I've removed that influence from my life, and filled my reader and Pinterest account with blogs and boards like yours, my confidence in myself has rebounded, and surpassed what it was. You are amazing, and what you do is so important. Thank you so much for being you!

FormerlyLisaS said...

I love these posts! And I finally have my shit together to link up this time! WOOT!

Also, I am super jealous of your flower cardigan! My girlfriend really (really really) wants one, but she isn't having any luck. So I've been keeping my eye out for her!

Sarah Evans said...

I love that cardigan and those shoes! I wish we had torrid in the UK :(


Penelope Cat Vintage said...

Hiya, de-lurking to link up (finally) and to say I bloody love your blog!

Nikki x

Meghan Edge said...

I love your cardigan and your dress and your shoes and your hair- well, you know, I already stalked you on twitter and told you so. Especially those shoes.

I love these link ups and the people I meet because of them. :-) You rock.

Janet Lopez said...

You always have the cutest outfits! Hooray for fat acceptance. I can't thank you enough for giving such inspirational words. I really look forward to every post (: You've really helped me in accepting myself.

Jessica Shealy said...

I LOVE the owl brooch. Thanks so much for positive message you are sending. I love all the people you get to meet through these link ups too =]

Sarah said...

Such a cute outfit!

Tila said...

I love your hair!!! Its so beautiful!!! You inspire me to love myself. Im so glad that you are doing this!!! Thanks for doing this!!!!

Cattie said...

In love with your sweater and shoes. <3

Mymsie said...

In addition to your awesome message, I love your shoes & cardi! :)

Monna Payne said...

I SO relate to this. For me, this happens with family all the time. They drop not so subtle hints about "healthy" eating in nearly every conversation or query me on how frequently I'm working out. It's exhausting to have a conversation and I often wish they could just love me now - as I am. I am fortunate to have a lover who has always loved me in the moment.
My biggest challenge has always been believing it for myself - every day, every moment. I want to pass on that kind of love and acceptance to my daughters.

Sara Clifton said...

I so want those shoes!

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