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Day in Photos: Saturday

8 AM / Sandy enjoys an open window while I get ready to go.

9 AM / Packed for a weekend at the coast with my thrifted bag, coat and iPad.

10 AM / Driving to my parents to help them move first.

11 AM / Walking their shih tzu. He is such a sweet dog!

Saying goodbye to the house!

12 PM / Self-portraits in my parent's mirror.

Going to the park with my nephew and enjoying the swings.

1 PM / Fueling up on coffee and a veggie burger.

2 PM /  Checking in at the motel. A cute little place we love!

3 PM / More coffee because we were sleepy after the drive.

4 PM / Parent's new house and bird feeder we got them.

5 PM /  Surprise! Belated birthday cake.

6 PM / Met a blog friend for thrifting! My finds...

Owl clock, mushroom towels, house brooch, journal, pillowcases and cat book.

8 PM / Sarah and us at the casino buffet. We had fun hanging out!

11 PM / Back at the motel, watching The Truth About Cats & Dogs.

We did fun things the next day so I have more photos from our little weekend trip to the coast. We aren't big travelers so short road trips are perfect for us! Going to the beach is about eating yummy food, buying homemade chocolate and caramel corn, thrifting and walking on the beach. It ended up being a mostly rainy weekend so we didn't see much of the actual beach, but it was a still a perfect get-away for a couple of homebodies like us!

P.S. Not pictured is the beautiful Bodum 8-cup French press that I thrifted. It was in perfect condition but really dirty! The mister cleaned it up and it is good as new and we saved at least $30. I also thrifted a red shirt with a cute collar and a green tunic top. We always find the best things at this thrift store.
- Rachele

12 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Tracy Hodgson said...

What a fabulous day, i totally adore that owl clock!

Your blog is super cute and your hair is amazing.


Maja Mondkind said...

That owl clock is way too cute :)

Alice said...

I love that owl clock too! Absolutely amazing! Looks like loads of fun xo

Dana Bilich said...

That gold glitter french manicure is KILLER.

Sara said...

Such a fun and full day. Time with nephews and nieces is my favorite. I'm happy to see it is one of yours too! :)

Great thrifting finds too! We have that clock in our kitchen and I love it. Perfect!

Sarah Clarke-McDougal said...

I am so glad that we got to meet up! You're right, that thrift store is a GOLDMINE!!
(Thanks for linking my blog too!)

Emma said...

Not gonna lie, I have total hair envy. I love the colour!

Looks like a lovely day :- ) Also another fan of that owl clock- soso cute!

Xx. Emma @

Rachele said...

It started out as purple but faded into pink. Sort of a happy accident :)

Rachele said...

It's been on my wish list for a while. Score!

Rachele said...

I loves it! I guess I am the only one to ask for it because they had to spend like 10 minutes looking for the gold powder and it looked like it was never used. Special snowflake!

Rachele said...

Thanks dear! It is much better than our old modern looking wall clock.

Rachele said...

Me too sweety1

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