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Fat Yoga Classes

I hung out with some bad ass yogis last week! I was invited to be Fat Yoga's photographer for their new website. Which by the way, was really exciting because I have not been officially hired to take photos before. But I dove in and took tons of photos so that there would be plenty to choose from. These are my faves, but I might share some more later on. I was also very excited to shoot fat bodies, other than my own. I felt that I did a good job capturing the movements and shapes of fat bodies as well as show that everybody can do the more difficult poses.
"First and most obvious, Fat Yoga classes are tailored to people who may not be the stereotypical yoga student. While most of us identify as fat, it's certainly not a requirement for participation. You do NOT need to be a specific size to be welcome at Fat Yoga.

Poses are presented and modified to each individual's ability. The size of our thighs, arms, bellies, and butts all change the way we are capable of expressing the traditional asanas (poses). Fat Yoga honors and embraces our differences and strives to create an environment where all bodies can do all poses."

I didn't participate because I was busy taking photos and now I can't wait until my first class with them. They were fun and sassy but also focused and passionate. My previous yoga classes greatly improved my back pain and I look forward to continue practicing.

Oh my goodness, so awesome!

I'm pretty sure Lucas is coming with me to a few. Hello!

Anna teaches the class and you can see her in front of the class in the photo above and doing the balance butterfly pose below. Beautiful!

Visit Fat Yoga and like them on Facebook!

- Rachele


Pocket Moss said...

Awesome! It's so important to be able to practice yoga in a physically & mentally safe space. I've done a few ASL/Deaf yoga sessions myself and it really changes the whole experience for me, although everyone was straight and I was the only queer one.

Love the pictures, good job. :)

Selma said...

Hi Rachele!

It's the first time i comment, but i've been following your blog since a while.

These yoga classes sound great! I am actually quite envious, as i couldnt find anything like that here in France. I've always been fascinated by yoga but never found the right group for a big girl like me! Plus, if it works with back pain (nice result of more than 8 hours a day in front of a desk), now i definitely would like to try it! Keep on documenting it! Maybe i could try some "asana" looking at your pics! :)

Ciao from France!
(but i am actually italian)


LollyLikesFATshion said...

I wish there was a fat yoga group in my city! I would sooo go! Great job with the photos! :)

Anonymous said...

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Qaroline said...

This looks absolutely fantastic - beautiful pictures! - I participated in a few yoga classes before and would love to have the opportunity to experience something like this!

Love, Qaroline

Akwei said...

I experienced my first fat yoga class last Thursday (in New York) was FATULOUS!!!! To be in a class with people who look like me, understood my lifting of my fat roll to get into a better move, was life changing. Enjoy! And great photos of beautiful bodies!

Cattie said...

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I am really interested in yoga but I'm too scared to go to a skinny class because I'm afraid I'll look weird or out of place, and I don't want to focus on the idea that I'm the biggest one there instead of the actual exercises. Currently I live in a rural area, so I don't think I'd be able to find one of these here, unfortunately. But I'm planning to move to San Francisco in the next year and a half, and I'll bet they'll have one there!

Elena Shoemaker said...

I wish we had this near where I lived.

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