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How to Style a Beehive for Short Hair


I have been doing a beehive do for a few weeks now and thought it was time to tell you how I do it! My hair is an outgrown pixie. Sort of shaggy and layered all over, but it's still possible to achieve this retro look. Of course, with a lot of hairspray! I made a little sketch to help illustrate the steps and I explain in more detail below. I hope you try it!

You will need:
Round Brush
Blow Dryer
Hairspray (flexible maximum hold)
Hair Bands
Bobby Pins

1. Starting with wet hair, part your hair so that your bangs and sides are combed forward and the rest of your hair is combed straight back. Using the round brush, blow dry your hair starting in the front closest to the part and work your way back and down. Get as much body as you can! Sometimes, I even blow dry my hair upside down after it is mostly dry just to give it a little extra poof.

2. Using your comb, backcomb or tease your hair like crazy. Again, start in the middle closest to the part and work your way back. Don't forget the sides. I usually lightly hairspray all over and use my fingers to poof it up in the back. Let the hairspray dry before the next step.

3. Using your round brush, lightly brush the very top layer and smooth back. Shape into a beehive. Smooth back the sides, leaving a nice round bump on your crown and then smoothed down in the back. Repeat step 2 and 3 until it likes fabulous!

4. Put the back of your hair into low piggy tails. Pull them up a bit by dividing the piggy tail in two and pulling. I try to do this until they blend it pretty well with the rest of my hair. Bobby pin the piggy tails down. The piggy tails will also help keep your scarf on.

5. Tie on your headscarf. You can see how I do that here. Fold it up into a headband. Put on starting from the back and going up over your ears and make a knot. If needed, make a couple tight knots until you have just enough left to tie a loose knot to make cut little bow. Add bobby pins to help the scarf stay put. Hairspray some more! Use your hands to smooth down fly aways if needed.

That is how you take short hair and turn it into a beehive. It might take a little practice and fussing, and like always, all hair is different and you may need to adjust my directions. Let me know if you have any questions! Be sure to share and pin away.
- Rachele


katrina maryse villanueva said...

this is so cute!




Mariani lima said...

Well, I'm your new follower from Brazil. I got here looking for short hair for round faced women and this space of your is so nice, so cute, so delicious that I decided to stay. So, now I got I link from my own blog to get things easier. Nice post, funny, great hair.

Helen said...

This is great. My hairs a bit longer than yours but I think it would work pretty well

unitedstatesofbecky said...

Love what you did with this post here. The hair is cute, but even better is the instructions with color pictures! :) Fun!

Becky Bedbug said...

Gorgeous! The beehive is my most favourite hairstyle of all!


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