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OOTD: Photoshoot Get-Up

This is what I wore to take photos at Fat Yoga! I wanted to be warm and comfortable since I knew that I would be shooting a little bit outside. You can't tell in the photos I took of the class, but some of them were done with the studio garage door open with me standing outside and shooting in. I also wanted to make sure that I was free to squat down and not worry about my leggings falling down. Real world problems, y'all.


I recently found this bag at the thrift store and I adore it. It's big enough for all my old lady habit needs, like an umbrella and crochet projects. I am pretty positive that it was handmade some time ago. I suspect a sweet little old lady crafted it. I also found a old bus transfer in there. Too bad there isn't a year printed on it!

coat : fashion bug
purse : thrifted
top : thrifted
shorts : thrifted
leggings : walmart
headscarf : thrifted
flats : fashion bug
cat brooch : thrifted
glasses : coastal


Also, we may have just adopted a fourth kitty that looks just like this! Eep!

- Rachele


Nessbow said...

I love finding things in thrifted items. I have a coat that was my mother's, and the first time I wore it I found a twenty-year-old tram ticket in the pocket. I also once bought a second hand book that had a train ticket inside it, which was dated exactly three years prior to the date I started reading the book. Spooky.

Megan said...

So many awesome things in this outfit! Love the matching coat/headscarf/bag especially! And OMG - fat yoga? It would be a dream to teach that! I hope you post more about it!! <3


Patrick weseman said...

And I take my students to blind yoga.

Miss Lou said...

that headband is so cute <3 and I love your hairstyle ;) very pretty

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