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OOTD: New Digs

Moving, moving, moving! I hate moving! But I do absolutely love being in a different place and getting the chance to get rid of things I don't want and decorate a blank slate. Here are my first outfit photos at the new house. I was getting really sad at the old place about the lack of light. The owners stopped landscaping and everything was getting overgrown and covering the windows. Our new place has a nice big window in the living room and lots of light comes in all the windows. Fuck yeah vitamin D. 

dress : avenue
leggings : fashion bug
headscarf : thrifted
glasses : coastal
shoes : fashion bug
brooch : etsy
kitty : clementine


Well, back to moving in the last of boxes and unpacking!

- Rachele

11 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

LollyLikesFATshion said...

It looks like home already! :) i love moving and starting new. A new home has new adventures and i hope you have some amazing ones! X

unitedstatesofbecky said...


Catherine Gantt said...

Cute! Your blush is lovely by the way! And I love your place! Moving is horrible but the end result is great!

xx, C

butterykittens said...

Well don't you look fancy and comfy at the same time! I love that hilarious cat pillow on your couch. And your cat.

rae - say it ain't so said...

i loved and hated moving. it is so nice to have a blank slate. and that is a great dress! it really shows off your curves and swerves.

Meghan Edge said...

you look fabulous. That dress is awesome. I love it. And the new place looks pretty awesome, too.

Jenna LeDawn said...

"Fuck yeah vitamin D." — you are the best! stunning as usual.

Priya said...

You look so pretty! And it's good to know you're in a brighter house. All the best with the decorating! :)

Sunshine Over The Mountains

Megan said...

Lovin' those thrifty housewares! And that dress looks AWESOME, SO cute! I wish you could teach me how to wear make up! haha

<3 Meg

sammy said...

love the light! it's so hard taking pictures inside when everything turns out grainy! you look amazing ! ps. i thrifted the same owl clock that you have in the background :)

Sian Morgan said...

Wow, your hair is beautiful and so are you. ;p

Your dress and pin are lovely too.

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