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OOTD: 'Tis the Season

For me, the holidays are not about discussing the diet I am starting right after I eat this very bad plate of food. Fuck that! I didn't "indulge" or feel "guilty" after our delicious meal. We simply took a little extra time to cook up a grand meal and we enjoyed it. Nobody side-eyed me when I ate some cookies and I didn't have to hide my extra cheese from snoopy relatives. We drank, ate, laughed and enjoyed each other's company. It felt good not having to answer questions about my weight or have my sides pinched and measured by my uncle.

I don't need to punish myself or abuse my body after our big holiday meal. I get to keep being happy, eating and loving my body. Yesterday, today and even after the New Year. The only resolution I am going to make is to keep celebrating my shape, my life and eat the food I need and want or whatever reason I deem appropriate. Food is not going to determine my morality and my weight does not determine my worth. Don't listen to the bullshit that comes around this time of the year or be convinced by commercials otherwise. Read Ragen Chastain's view on the subject. I also like her post about dealing with fat shame and family.

dress : fashion bug
leggings : we love colors
flats : payless
headscarf : thrifted
glasses : coastal
earrings : claires

We were the winter dance king and queen and the coolest!

- Rachele

15 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Emily Elizabeth said...

You are so pretty! Love that your hair color matches the tights to a T!
{Em ♥}

Arya said...

You look amazing!! Glad you had a great Christmas!!

elisatot.kv said...

very fab!



sian said...

love this post - it's so easy to get caught up or brainwashed by all the new year diet stuff out there, and it's great to read posts like yours. i love your outfit too - beautiful.

Becky Bedbug said...

Christmas is a time for me to eat, eat and eat some more without feeling guilty. Yes, I'm eating chocolate for breakfast. No, I'm not going to fast the second January comes around.

(Wait, who am I kidding, I always eat and eat and eat without feeling guilty!)

I love your beehive, by the way. Long live the beehive!


Kym Bozarth said...

Pretty dress! And yes the holidays are for indulging, enjoy!

Cattie said...

I'm sorry that historically, your relatives have treated you that way with regard to food. :( I'm spending Christmas with my boyfriend's family this year, and I am the most overweight person here and no one has even given me a second glance if I have a cookie or so. They actually eat much more than I do, haha...they're Dutch and have a big family, so as a result there is always a TON of cheese and sweets around, which can sometimes be awesome and sometimes is probably not so I eat until I'm full, but I do try and balance out the calorie-rich foods with veggies and fruits too. I think I'm doing okay with regard to indulging a bit and also exercising a bit of restraint - but it's for me and because I want to be healthy and not eat myself sick (something I have struggled with at times), not because anyone is looking at what I'm eating or giving me shameful looks. I feel like only in an environment of love can you feel okay about your choices, whether they're dietary or otherwise - I'm sorry your family has not been kind about this in the past, and I'm glad your Christmas went well this year. :)

Melanie Combs said...

Love love love this post!!! And I totally scored three pairs of the Fashion Bug denim leggings during a going out of business sale. One pair is royal blue. And I love them.

Amanda Locke said...

you are about the cutest girl in the world and have just about the cutest husband-kitty family as well. i've read back in your blog some and i love your attitude and your nails and style're just great. :) can i ask where you are from, though? i read that you are southern and just got curious since i am, too.

Rachele said...

Aw thanks! I am born and raised in Oregon. But my mom's family is from New Orleans and Mississippi and so I have picked up some of their southern nuisances in my speech, especially if I am tired.

Felicia Petrone said...

I love absolutely everything about your first picture. Your outfit, the tree, the tiny tree in your hand and especially your pose and expression. So flippin' retro-cute! - The colors and stripes in your headband against your hair are fab!

Stacey Cash said...

You look gorgeous! I love that your tights match your hair. :)

Katha Strophe said...

Love the outfit and love love love the attitude!
I'm glad you had such a good time.

julia said...

DAMN this outfit is perfection! your tights match your hair? what skill!

whitejenna said...

That dress is so fab on you. I love this entire post, the holidays are about love and family. Whether its the one youve grown up with or the one you make, thats what these times are for. Be happy. Xo, Jenna

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