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Day in Photos: What a Homebody Does

It's been a while since I have done one of these! I had Monday off and spent the day at home with the kitties. We had just cleaned the house together the night before. Well, the mister and I did. The cats didn't help at all. So, I was more than content to stay in and enjoy it before it was time to go back to work. I took one or more photos an hour. Enjoy!

9 AM / Woke up earlier than usual for a day off and this kitty was there to greet me. She was just spayed and won a week wearing this fashionable collar.

9:30 AM / Hanging out on the couch with a little music and updating the blog.

10 AM / Whipped up some coffee, eggs and browned up sweet potatoes.

11 AM / Wednesday being a ham!

12 PM : Fiddling with my hair and picking out glasses.

1 PM / Picking out clothes for an upcoming fatshion clothing swap.

1:30 PM / Watching POTUS and FLOTUS at the inauguration.

2 PM / Admiring the salted caramel truffle that we got at a local chocolatier. Yum!

2:30 PM / So glad that I thrifted a liquor cart! I almost passed on it and then I went back and got in on sale for $5. So much pretty sunlight coming in to the dining room!

3 PM / Taking outfit photos!

4 PM / Heating up leftover mac n'cheese with soy hot dogs.

5 PM / Paying some bills.

6 PM / The mister is home from work and brought me a Superfood juice.

6:30 PM / And he decided to make us nachos! What a keeper.

7 PM / Working on a new Shame-Loss Ad.

8 PM / The best nachos ever. He even made his own salsa.

9 PM / Sandy, whom was apparently planning on a great escape out the back door a little bit later. Luckily, we cornered her and caught her. All our kitties are indoor only. It was a perfect day!
- Rachele

13 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Caribou said...

Hi Rachele. I was just wondering why your kitties are indoor only. My little fur baby is indoor too and its because I don't trust the drivers in my neighborhood. I live on a steep hill and people drive down it so fast! Plus the elderly woman across the street throws birdseed in her lawn, which is basically a kitty death-trap. BIrds on other side of street + fast cars = a day I fear and do not ever want to think about. People give me a really hard time about it though, like my cat is miserable inside and I am depriving him of his freedom. A coworker even told me keeping an indoor cat is like prison and if I care I will let my cat roam free so that he can exercise.
Fuck that! I would prefer my cat to be a happy fatty than a piece of roadkill!
Do people give you a hard time? What made you decide to keep your kitties inside? I would love any feedback.
p.s. I think you could make an amazing e-course on how to love thy fatty self. Just a thought!

Launa Mckenzie said...

I tried to attempt one of these posts yesterday !
Sadly i forgot half way through :/
Looks like you had a nice day in though :)
Your cats are too cute

Melanie said...

looks like a perfect day!! love your kitties, thanks for sharing your day with us.

KnitXcorE said...

how have i never thought ot put tofu pups in mac and cheese?! i'm a failure.

erinhenkemeyer said...

what a lovely day it seems!<3

Kym Bozarth said...

It was very rude of the kitties not to help in the cleaning process, but we will let them go this time :-)
Nachos look wonderful.
And thank you for sharing your day!

AP said...

i just discovered your blog and let me just say, you're everything I wish I was, if I had self confidence. I admire you and your kick-ass hair.

Mama Nervosa said...

Yay, you're doing a Take Shape for Life ad!! I'm so excited. And it's neat to see your process on the iPad. I get so many art tips from you. Thanks for sharing your day!

geetabix said...

What a fun day!

Brandy Tanner said...

Fatshion clothing swap!? I'd love to get in on some sort of fatshion swappy goodness... can you help a girl out and guide me where to join OR places to continue to research? Loved this post and LOVE LOVE LOVE your bar cart.

Carissa Lynn said...

Your life is so pretty! And man, I really want those Nachos! You did pick a winner! ;)

Laura said...

Your kitties are adorable! Also, I have the same Hello Kitty toaster. Represent! :-)

Christmas Carol said...

I got hungry after seeing this :< Now I really want to make nachos and salsa myself, but something tells me I'm gonna fail at that...

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