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OOTD: Blue Flower

This will be my last outfit post with purple hair! I made a little change this week so it's easier to maintain as my hair gets longer. I wanted it to look a little healthier and not so faded. Purple is hard to keep up! I applaud you candy-colored hair ladies that can do it. But back to this outfit. I never left the house when I wore this. Oh well! A girl can still get gussied up.

dress : thrifted
cardigan : torrid
leggings : we love colors
flats : thrifted (i think...)
vintage headscarf : thrifted
glasses : coastal
brooch : thrifted

Well, I am needed to eat gingerbread ice cream and watch American Horror Story with the mister. It was his birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, sweety!

- Rachele

14 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Jess Rollar said...

So adorable! Your fringe is fantastic, always a fan of any hair color you do! Purple is hard to keep up, I had mine lilac for a while and man it was work. I had to redye it twice a week to keep it fresh it faded so quick. I am tempted to redye it lilac though, it was fun! :D

geetabix said...

I like the orange and yellow. Almost a rainbow look.

Robyn Williams said...

I am in love love love with this dress/cardigan/tights/shoes combo!

Robert Thomas Dulaney III said...

happy birthday mr.owl! i can't wait to see your new hair!

FSFG said...

Hey! It's great to hear that you are all that active about building up confidence in overweight girls. But still I think it's wrong to encourage an unhealty lifestyle and you should really stop celebrating yourself that much for something that isn't that special. After all you're dressed up in that hipster way, which is just in my personal opinion neither nice, nor creative. Seeing this right, you have that steriotypical piercings and tattoos.

So, just so i get this right, because I'm german and I am kind of puzzeled by the things your country does, I need to ask why it was necessary to invent the word fatshion, wouldn't be fation more suitable? And while I'm at it, was it really necessary to put bikinipictures of yourself online? Don't you have a sense of shame?

For me your whole nation seem to be a country full of hypocrites. this gets even so far to the point, that I can't trust if an artist says that he hates your country. It allways seems that people do anything to get the slightest attention. And well congratulations, this website is just the last straw. You single handedly made me systematicly hate and debate every single feminist/fatisists/fascist webpage out there, even if this might be my end.

And because I don't give a damn about attention, and I'm quite sure you won't read this whole entry I put the field for an answer right here so you don't have to read it all, just write me an email to

Erin Thomas said...

i miss my purple hair so much! but it really really destroyed any chance i had at healthy hair and i had to chop it all off. so sad. good luck in your healthy hair endeavor! -Zero Style

Megan said...

Love the cheery colors here, can't wait to see your new hair! :)

<3 Megan

Suburban Sweetheart said...

You're wearing the whole rainbow today! Fun, fun.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

This isn't a blog about fat. This is a blog about one fat person's happiness - GOD FORBID. If one happy fat girl can "single handedly [make you] systematicly hate and debate every single feminist/fatisists/fascist webpage out there," you were already on the path toward hatred, anyway. Take your anger elsewhere because no one here is interested in it.

Mandy said...

Cant wait to see the new do, You are adorable!!!

GypsyinJasper said...

I adore that brooch. It pops off that orange cardigan in the best possible way.

Every so often, I get gussied up and spend the day at home. Sometimes it just feels good to look nice, no matter what you're doing.

Happy belated to the hubs.

Jemma Black said...

Wow, you're a complete nutter. Let's not reduce anyone to a cultural stereotype shall we? You as a German person should know better than that.


Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

I couldn't get away with candy-colored hair at my job, but I think it looks cool on you! My hair is gray. I bleached it for years to try and look younger, but when it turned brittle and started falling out, I decided to let it be what it is.

Anonymous said...

Love this cheery outfit! And I just thrifted a hot pink enamel flower pin myself, great to see you s usual!
:). Jenna

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