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Sweet on You Sunday

No shave whenever!

How I felt after watching Romantics Anonymous


Damn straight.

Perfect glasses! Why don't they do this anymore...

Purple haired and adorable

- Rachele


Becky Bedbug said...

Those glasses are amazing!


LollyLikesFATshion said...

I have a set but not as nice as the Perfect Mate set. I am getting my Rx in them this month so more pretty glassesporn soon! :D

amanda said...

Hi there, I've just found your blog and would to say how inspiring you are. I'm only discovering the person I want to be at the age of 35, and after a life being bullied about my looks and weight I can only hope to have half your confidence one day.
Thank you for blogging.

Meghan Edge said...

Oh gosh, those glasses are amazing!

rae - say it ain't so said...

those glasses! i have been on the lookout for a pair. they are SO PERFECT.

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