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This Week(s) On Instagram


1. Being a cute weekend couple.
2. Going out for brunch in our new neighborhood.
3. Thrifted owl curtains!
4. Bedroom looks more decorated now.
5. Day 2 of my new cheek piercings. Swollen!
6. Therefore eating lots of soup.
7. Yummiest veggie sausage biscuit.
8. Day 5 and feeling a little more normal looking.
9. My outfit formula lately.
10. Quinoa taco night!
11. And taco salad the next day.
12. Thrifted a brand new cake pop machine for $10!
13. Made red velvet donut holes with cream cheese frosting.
14. Day 10 and feel like the initial healing is almost over.
15. Day 11 and 4 more days until I get shorter bars and cuter cheeks!
16. Faint sprinkle of snow at our house.
17. Peanut butter in the middle of these ones I made.
18. Our little monkey.

- Rachele

10 ♥ COMMENTS ♥:

Robert Thomas Dulaney III said...

how did i miss those curtains? my goddddddddd.

Becky Bedbug said...

Those owl curtains are immense!


Alexandria said...

Damn girl, really now, you look amazing with those cheek piercings. AMAAAZIIING. I think I actually like them more on you than I have anyone else ever. And I really like cheek piercings. So...
Oh and also, I talked a little about one of your shame-loss ads on my blog today, only a teeeeny tiny bit, but I thought I'd let you know :)

Alexandria xx

Kym Bozarth said...

Nice...and great curtains!

Marci said...

I feel like a dork, but is the purple hair new? Is looks absolutely amazing :-) That shade is gorgeous!

Rachele said...

Sort of! I redyed it the same color around xmas time.

Marci said...

Haha yeah, I scrolled back through and remembered the color from your nekkid photos. And I'm so in love with that color!

Anonymous said...

Love that shirt in #5!

Megan Gardea said...

Your tacos look delicious, wish I could've had some. ;) Love the shade of your purple hair, too.

Sara Mooney said...

Oh my goodness those curtains freaking adorable! Nice score!!

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