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5 Happy Things To Do

Wear my fat necklace out. I love, love my fat necklace from Fancy Lady Industries, but for some reason I am yet to wear it outside the house. I am gonna rock that shit.

Catch up on all my books. Curl up and read Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir and Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion + the million other books I have sitting on my iPad.

Design a tattoo of cats. I would love to have a large piece showcasing all four of our fur babies. It would mean so much to me!

Learn to play music and sing. I am a huge music lover and a chronic sing-alonger. I wouldn't might a sweet little side project singing songs.

Focus more on being positive. Don't worry. I am not turning into Mary freaking Poppins, but I catch myself thinking on the negative side of things when I could flip it.

I completed this assignment from my How to Be a Fat Bitch ECourse #1!
Find out more and register here.
- Rachele


B said...

You should get each of your 4 cats as a beach babe pinup!!!!

Vanessa said...

I love this ecourse more than anything. You are my hero.

Even though it might be annoying, Im going to post mine here so that I actually do them, instead of telling myself Ill write them down later.

1) wear my new cute winter jacket instead of the hoodie I never take off because of my desire to hide my body.
2) learn to put on make up. I have always felt that because I am fat, I am unattractive and therefore have no right to "try to be pretty" or do things that are girly. I deserve to do things that make me feel good about myself.
3) proudly make out with my new lover in public, because I deserve love and not just behind closed doors.
4) do yoga. not to lose weight but because moving my body feels good.
5) finish reading Fat Sex, because it's wonderful and I have found a huge feeling of connection and empowerment from reading its stories.

You are amazing! Im so happy about this class! :D <3

Sophie said...

Hot and Heavy was one of the best books I've ever read. You'll love it.

Alice | Smokin' Tofu said...

Hey, I just found your blog via your post to This Is Thin Privilege and so far I'm loving it. You're a true hero!

Jess Rollar said...

Love your 5 things! That necklace is AMAZING!! How are you liking Hot & Heavy? I just hit the "love" section and I'm loving that book! It's been my go to book for when I need a pick me up! :D

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