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Sweet on You Sunday

Longing for spring!

Cat skeleton

I want to know her story

Food policing is lame

Hopefully not for long

Love her glasses

Perfect! I need those lamps.
- Rachele


petal said...

I just found this site last week. It's wonderful! I love your attitude. Keep spreading the awesome!

Kym Bozarth said...

I want to sit and chat and hangout and have coffee in that lounge area (last photo!)

Becky Bedbug said...

Wow, that lady with the beehive! She has very interesting eyebrows. I know a lot of Mexican girls wear their brows like that- I wonder if she was?


Karyna @ Paper Squid said...

I dislike that there is truth to that message, "vaginas are more regulated than guns" but I love that that's out there and the illustration. Great images/links :)


ActivistSheep said...

I'm loving the posts you've been doing lately. I'm a little sad that you're feeling pressured to blog and need a break. Take care of yourself. Burnout is not good.

I wanted to point something out about this post. The word "lame" is ableist. See here for great explanation:
I particularly enjoyed your shame-loss drawings, especially the one of the woman with a prosthesis. So, I thought you might want to know that word can be hurtful for people.

And I don't know why, but your links don't aren't valid links for my computer. It always says "page not found." Any ideas?

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