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OOTD: Pumpkin Spice

I am into sharing outfits lately. Is that okay with you guys? I did a lot of writing and activism and maybe said everything I had to say. For now, of course! Next week, I might get slammed with ideas and radicalness. But for now, I am into coming up with cute outfits and sharing them here. I like to think that is radical and awesome still. So much of the world tells girls like me that we can't wear what I wear or even be willing to step in front of a camera. Being part of a community of fatshionistas still means a lot to me. We are pretty kick-ass. Also, I really enjoy thrifting clothes and putting outfits together.

dress : modcloth 3xl
cardigan : thrifted
teggings : re/dress
belt : came with a dress
shoes : torrid, i think
brooch : thrifted
glasses : coastal
lipstick : wet n'wild



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Daenel T said...

I don't know how or when I found your blog, but I'm glad I did. Love your style. And love the pixie (I so get you on wishing for overnight growth).

Hope said...

I love that dress and cardigan. I think fatshion is it's own for of activism, visual vs. written.

Galaxia @ Nail Care Enthusiast said...

I love that bright little brooch!

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